Corporate Finance Advisory

We provide financial advisory and structuring support to businesses and governments, working with our network of funding partners to help African businesses and governments secure needed capital for their operations.

We are also an enabler for SMEs across the continent, providing needed support and structuring to enable access to much-needed finance.

We support clients ranging from corporate and financial investors to governments, private companies, and individuals, in the provision of independent financial advice specifically in the following areas:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Capital Raising
  • Business Modelling
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Project Finance

Our approach is to focus on high yield investments in high growth industries. We conduct rigorous due diligence prior to investment. We have also become the bridge between investors seeking a diversified African focused investment portfolio with competitive returns and investments requiring competitively priced funding solutions.

We consistently research the business landscape to identify the companies setting the agenda within their industry. We have built a database of information across various industry sectors and a credible source of information.

The dynamic nature and global reach of financial services demands expert navigation. We can support clients and manage portfolios at any stage of the investment cycle and advice on capital raising, timing of capital deployment, venture evaluation, exit options and consolidation of current investments.


Treasury Advisory

We provide liquidity solutions and bespoke treasury solutions for African governments and businesses, leveraging our rich and extensive treasury experience to deliver innovative treasury management services to governments and businesses to help them effectively manage their liquidity and treasury needs.

We also assist Central Banks and Finance Ministries with market development activities such as secondary market trading in government securities, foreign exchange OTC market development, and enhancing the liquidity of other tradable market instruments. Oakwood Green Capital also helps governments set up structures for efficient liquidity management such as the single treasury account and different hedge structures concerning future obligations to ensure minimum disruption in funding activities.


Trade Advisory

We facilitate Intra-Africa trade and investments by leveraging strategic alliances with regional trade organizations and multilateral agencies with an Africa development agenda, focusing on major trade corridors for business facilitation and growth.

Through our strategic alliances, Oakwood Green Capital is able to champion trade advocacy and assist companies across Africa in accessing trade financing. We also create market awareness through thought leadership in trade and we are at the forefront of developing the market for regional trade and remittance flows.