Financial Advisory

At OAKWOOD GREEN, we assess the financial needs of our clients and recommend investments to match their short-term or long-term goals. We recommend the most appropriate products and services available, ensuring our services are aligned to meet the client’s needs. We support clients ranging from corporate and financial investors to governments, private companies, and individuals, in the provision of independent financial advise specifically in the areas of;

  • Corporate Finance
  • Capital Raising
  • Business Modelling
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Project Finance.

The dynamic nature and global reach of financial services demands expert navigation. We can support clients and manage portfolios at any stage of the investment cycle and advice on capital raising, timing of capital deployment, venture evaluation, exit options and consolidation of current investments.



OAKWOOD GREEN invests in viable opportunities in different sectors across the continent. These are in the form of proprietary investments or investments alongside other investors and partners.

Our approach is to focus on high yield investments in high growth industries. We conduct rigorous due diligence prior to investment.

We have also become the bridge between investors seeking a diversified African focused investment portfolio with competitive returns and investments requiring competitively priced funding solutions.

We consistently research the business landscape to identify the companies setting the agenda within their industry. We have built a database of information across various industry sectors and a credible source of information.


Corporate Restructuring and Turn Around Management

OAKWOOD GREEN has a dedicated team of Corporate Restructuring and Turn Around experts with a track record of corporate renewal. We utilise pin point analysis and planning to save troubled companies and return them to solvency.

This may involve changing a company’s organizational, financial and operating structure to permanently and swiftly address serious financial and operational issues tactical and strategic that could lead to corporate stress. We provide;
Financial Re-engineering – We assist clients to review, rethink and redesign their operating model and business processes to achieve improvements in performance, costs and service quality.

Organizational Restructuring – We assist companies to redesign their business operating model, policies and procedures to create a culture that provides the ideal environment for high performance.

Strategy and Business Optimization – Through our Strategy and Execution arm we are able to assist clients to formulate, implement, and monitor strategy required to transform businesses and optimise efficiency.