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Financial Advisory

At OAKWOOD GREEN, we assess the financial needs of our clients and recommend investments to match their short-term or long-term goals. We recommend the most appropriate products and services available, ensuring our services are aligned to meet the client’s needs
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OAKWOOD GREEN invests in viable opportunities in different sectors across the continent. These are in the form of proprietary investments or investments alongside other investors and partners. Our approach is to focus on high yield investments in high growth.
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Corporate Restructuring and Turn Around Management

OAKWOOD GREEN has a dedicated team of Corporate Restructuring and Turn Around experts with a track record of corporate renewal. We utilise pin point analysis and planning to save troubled companies and return them to solvency. This may involve changing
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Our Vision & Approach

OAKWOOD GREEN CAPITAL LTD. (OAKWOOD GREEN) aspires to be the de facto architect of capital, investments and remittance flows into and across the African continent. It pursues Intra-Africa trade whilst leaving an open line to everyone seeking to do business on the continent.

We embed sound corporate governance, maintain a sustainability ethos and a robust risk management structure. We ensure accountability and ethical decision-making processes are rooted within the organization. With a combined experience of over 50 years, the promoters of Oakwood Green have developed a deep understanding of the African market and a network of relationships across the continent. With the experience accrued from dealing with various governments and business entities, our promoters bring to bear their understanding of markets, customers, competition and geographies of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Oakwood has the information and resources on tap to help businesses successfully enter and expand into the African Markets. We are strategically entrenched in the African market to provide business tools and resources designed to extract above average yields from viable ventures.

OAKWOOD GREEN assists clients to manage the diverse economic climates, risks and sectoral opportunities across a wide spectrum of industries. Through strategic partnerships with multilateral institutions, international financial institutions and developmental agencies we secure funding for projects, intra-African Trade and investment across the continent.

Our Reach



Our range of services ensure that our clients’ holistic needs are met at the organisational level and product level. As a result-oriented team we ensure the bottom line is positively affected. Our aim is to provide universal commercial support via our multi-boutique business model.



We value our relationships within the industry and treat our clients as collaborative partners.



We vertically integrate with our global partners to ensure our clients receive an efficient and fully inclusive service that meets their business requirements.

Our Track Record

Our team have niche expertise and knowledge derived from managing leading financial institutions and supporting various client classes across Africa working closely with key partners across attractive industries. We support both national and international clients across a range of business structures, including corporate entities, individuals, governments and limited liability partnerships.
  • Banking Sector Consolidation
  • Company Transformation
  • Financial Advisory
  • Business Facilitation
  • Capital Restructuring
  • Capital Raise

Our Team


Gabriel Edgal

Managing Partner

Managing Consultant of Oakwood Green Capital Ltd charged with the responsibility of strategically positioning the firm to achieve its corporate objectives. Prior to this he was the CEO of First Atlantic Bank Limited, where he tripled profits before tax over a three-year period.
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Daniel Addo


Daniel is a Partner at Oakwood Green Capital Limited, but currently on appointment as the CEO of Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited. Before this, he was the Executive Director of First Atlantic Bank Limited with profit and loss and balance sheet responsibility for the strategic business units.
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